Project „Mindbuilder“

Project: Mindbuilder is an interactive story created by this site’s author: StarlinM00N – one of many. The work is currently in process and hence uncompleted. This site will be updated regularly when notable progress has been made. Please do note that this might include changes in the following synopsis.

Synopsis: The story follows the ways of at least three „Empty Slots“ – people who lost their mind in a terrible incident – in their strife to get back what they lost. They enter an artificial world based on their thoughts, emotions and memories and get to know themselves as if they were strangers. While all substories appear to be independent from each other, they are all embedded in a central global plotline. During their ambitions to find their true self, a graver truth about the incident and the project Mindbuilder itself will be revealed.

The following links lead to the respective chapters of the story. Uncompleted Chapters are shown in grey.


The First Tale: The Artificial World

Chapter 1: World of Void – in process
Chapter 2: Fort Paradise

Chapter 3:
– classified – 
Chapter 4:
– classified – 
Chapter 5:
– classified – 
Chapter 6:
– classified – 
Chapter 7:
– classified – 
Chapter 8:
– classified – 
Chapter 9: The idle man’s prophecy

Chapter 10: An answer unbeknownst

The Second Tale: An irreversible mistake

– Chapter List classified – 

The Third Tale: A Demon’s Dream

– Chapter List classified – 


Progress Report I

Further information about the project is currently still classified.

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  1. […] I should conclude my report with what I have already worked on. I have updated the chapter list on the main site as sort of a teaser, so feel free to check it out. I am planning to release the next chapter this […]

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