The hunter’s poem, part 2

Die Badassery geht weiter! ...ab 2015.

Continuing from Part 1

„Lagi was no more, so what caused then those quakes?!“
He was asking the elder, but his head he shakes.
„I did not believe it to truly exist,
But with the Lagiacrus gone, the Ceadeus it is.“

For a foe even fiercer than ever before,
He was not yet prepared, so he travelled once more.
In search for help, he returned to a port he had been,
But his companions of old were nowhere to be seen…

He saw a group of hunters who could squash monsters like fleas,
But none of them would answer his pleas.
The guild wouldn’t dare to join him, too.
All alone by himself, he finished hunting rank two.

When the hunter was already on his way back,
He was interrupted by the growl of a stomach.
Did it belong to his own, or was it the Snarf?
He had no time to loose, so he cut it in half.

Emergency in the village! Shakalaka attacked by Duramboros!
The hunter witnessed a small guy chased by a coloss.
Its mace-like tail was heavy and stout –
The hunter thought: „This might work out…“

Dieses Mal ein Bild nicht von Danbooru, sondern von Deviantart.

He reforged his axe with the newly-gained bone.
„If the guild does not help, I will challenge it alone!“
The village elder was sceptical still.
„If the foe doesnt squeeze you, the water pressure will.“

As they conversed, the small guy had something to say.
„Joo intu trobble?! Maybeh Ah knoes e weyh!“
The Shakalaka can provide what they need,
But he requires materials highly resistant to heat…

Thus he followed the gnome to a volcano site,
And the heat was even stronger than in the desert, alright.
He would not have endured the climate for long,
Had he not brought a stack of Cola along!

The hunter stopped, knowing he wasn’t alone.
Rolling out of the lava came Volvidon!
It attacked with its tongue, para liquid it spat,
But for an experienced hunter, it wasn’t much of a threat.

Atop on the volcano, he found something therein:
It was the lord of the skies, mourning the death of his queen!
Rathalos plunged at her killer with hate,
But this was something he could reciprocate…

Rathalos-Bilder zu finden ist nicht schwer. Sehr wohl aber, ins zu finden das ich noch nicht benutzt habe.

During his mining, he stumbled on something by chance.
It looked like a rusty old shard on the first glance.
While it indeed didn’t look partic’larly strong,
In the end he decided to bring it along.

Through exorbitant farming, they ran low on supplies.
But Kayamba spoke: „Nou, dis wonnit souffice!“
To make the plan work the small guy had in mind,
For something even sturdier they have to grind…

This is what they encountered as the heat took its toll:
A monster with a strange preference for Rock’n’Roll.
Impenetrable appeared the Uragaan’s jaw,
But still it got felled by nature’s first law.

And so the hunter returned with a satisfied smile.
Yet the elder smacked him. „You imbecile!
Now maybe you can dive deep, but too big it is!“
Junior interrupted: „But what if we use this?“

Deep down in the ruins were weapons of old,
They might do the trick, is what Junior has told.
Even the elder admitted they were usable still.
„We prepare everything, and you go for the kill.“

Ich weiß, dass da ein Mädchen völlig deplatziert steht, aber Bilder von Unterwasserruinen zu finden ist gar nicht so einfach.

The wyverian blacksmith gave him the Epitaph Sword.
The rustshard was a weapon worthy of a lord!
With this final touch, the fight could begin,
The first task on the checklist would be luring it in.

Yet when the hunter witnessed its sheer mass and might,
He had become anxious about whether to fight.
Upon its arrival, the hunter froze on the spot.
If this wasn’t a monster, then it must be a god…

With the utmost caution, the hunter closed in,
Taking care not to get hit by its enourmous fin.
About the hunter’s attacks, it didn’t so much as care,
It was the best he could do to harm some of its hair.

When he slashed through it more, it began to act wierd.
Was the weak spot of the monster actually its beard?
The hunter decided to give it a try –
And the Ceadeus began shaking, as if to fend off a fly!

After continuous strikes directed at its  chin,
Under the layer of fur he exposed its soft skin!
A final thrust left the monster cringe in dismay
And flee down the ruins – yes, this was the way!

Wieso will es einfach keine Bilder in akzeptabler Qualität von ihm geben?

When deep down in the ruins the hunter came through,
It appeared Juniors words were spoken true.
Backed into a corner, it emitted its roar,
The final battle begins, it would ignore him no more…

To gain some distance, he kept doing a roll.
If that thing were to bite him, it would swallow him whole!
He found a ballista which he did hastily load.
Just in the last moment, he shot at its throat!

As he loaded more rounds, he felt an odd stream.
From Ceadeus‘ mouth emerged a huge beam!
He managed to dodge it, but with the ballista gone,
He had no other choice than to fight it head-on.

The monster’s organs started glowing bright red.
Did his continuous attacks finally make it mad?
That was the time for the dragonator spear,
So he betook to the button and lied waiting there.

As the monster rushed at him, he extended the thorn –
It went by its head, but it was breaking the horn!
Disabled like that, it was no longer a threat,
And after hours of fighting, it finally fled.

Und noch mehr Ceadeus Bilder.

Completely exhausted, he returned to the farm.
His objective was met, the village free from harm!
The hunter was showered with anything he craved –
Be it food, rum or glory. Moga village was saved!

After the festivities, he thought on a whim,
That the village has no longer a need for him.
With a final look back, he did quietly part,
But his real journey was just about to start…

To be continued


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