The hunter’s poem, part 1

Der Jäger und der Lagiacrus

Starting up his hunting career,
The rookie found out that something was queer.
Enormous earthquakes shook the land,
Saving Moga village was now in his hand…

Sadly, the guild seemed to take quite a break.
So first he delivered to Junior a steak.
Fighting Jaggis in the woods at fast pace,
He managed to get ressources to repair the base.

He thought the stage was now set to go monster hunting,
But all he was allowed to do was shroom gathering.
To his surprise, he met the lord of the sea –
With no other choice, he had to flee…

After more Jaggia and Ludrothe and whatnot,
He forged a new weapon while the iron was hot.
To fight his first real foe he grabbed his dagger:
It was the Great Jaggi, who’s got the moves like Jagger.

Once done, he was asked to capture a bear,
And so he proceeded to Arzuros‘ lair.
He had to be careful for it not to be slain,
Because from a dead bear, there was nothing to gain.


After all this time on D. Island he spent,
It was about time he ventured into the plains full of sand.
He encountered a bird calling the G. Jaggi he slew,
So now he was corned by both old fiends and new.

Refreshing at an oasis, where it was still scorching hot,
he thought it was wood – but it was a Barroth!
It swung at him with its scalp and its mud,
Yet it ended up un a pile of its own blood…

After his time in the desert, he was sick of the heat.
„A whole lake of water, that’s just what I need!“
It didn’t take long to fulfill his wish,
But in the Flooded Forest lurked more than just fish…

There in the forest: „I can’t believe what I see!
A monster endulging in polygamy!“
Slain, it made for a new weapon that could drench cloth;
But he liked his old sword, too, so he wielded them both!

Hidden below the surface was a maw of great size,
Suddenly leaping out to the hunter’s surprise!
At first he was startled, but he kept his cool,
And so he was able to put an end to Gobul.

Wenn man nicht ganz genau hinschaut, könnte man die Spitzhacke aus als Speer verwechseln. Die Rüstung habe ich aber sogar wirklich selbst getragen.

After all that time of gathering scales, hide and bone,
The hunter got tired of fighting alone.
He turned to the fairman called ‚Neko (means cat)‘
And set off to Tanzia. New companions he met.

With four people, fighting seemed like a breeze,
They took down a dozen of monsters with ease!
Strengthened by the new companions he won,
The hunter got quickly past Hunting Rank One.

Pumped by his success, the hunter felt bold,
Thus he ventured further into the land of ice cold.
Yet he noticed soon, the temperature stung like a bee –
Nothing could save him…’cept a cup of hot tea!

While fighting Popo and chilblains, he saw a Baggi.
Its moves were exactly like those of the Jaggi.
But when he wasn’t attentive, the monster spat in his back!
All of a sudden, he felt like taking a nap.

In the land of ice, the hunter found a strange new ore.
Freezing to the bones, he cursed that poor armor he wore.
Just in that moment, a shadow flashed past –
A penguin? A bunny? It sure slid fast!

Now that's an awfully strong snow bunny.

The hunter thought, Lagombi fur sure looks warm.
So he intended to do the bunny some harm.
Yet he should not have time to enjoy his new gear:
Moga is in danger, the Lagiacrus is here!

With his current swords, the hunter had it rough,
It was all he could do to be fending it off.
With a sigh of relief, he fell down on his knees…
He needs a new weapon from the first monster he sees.

Using the ores he found, the hunter worked day and night,
To create a powerful weapon, try as he might.
Just a final touch and it would be complete,
But that would require a fire dragon’s heat…

With that goal in mind, the hunter set out,
When he heard the roar of a dragon especially loud.
Hearing it, others might have trembled in fear,
But he showed a smile, knowing a Rathian is near.

The queen of the earth put up a real fight,
The hunter dodged fireballs left and right.
But with a severed tail and pierced neck, she ended up in defeat;
His axe was now done, a splendid weapon indeed.

Rathian. Obviously.

When the time had come, he returned to the shore.
The Lagiacrus was fierce – but he was a rookie no more.
He had to admit, it has recovered fast,
but he would make sure: This fight was its last…

Way down underwater, it was incredibly dark.
But he already saw in the distance a spark.
Just when he closed in, the hunter felt a drift –
The leviathan dashed at him, he hadn’t thought it this swift!

With the greatest effort, he dodget the first shot,
But the water slowed down his movements a lot.
It grabbed him with its claws and pinned him down,
then used its thunder and left him there to drown.

But no, this wasn’t the hunter’s demise:
His axe was actually a sword in disguise!
He pierced through its chest when the beast was nigh,
Then he injected poison until his phial ran dry.

Weakened like that, it wasn’t as nimble as before;
With slashes and thrusts, he drove it back to the shore.
There it was, where their fight would end –
The threat of the village would die by his hand.

Wasserdrachen waren schon immer toll.

The battle they fought was incredibly long and hard,
None of them could afford to lower their guard.
But finally, a blow left a crack on its head,
the lord of the sea, the Lagiacrus, was now dead.

At the end of his hunting career,
The hunter found out that something was queer.
Enormous earthquakes still shook the land,
Saving Moga village was, once more, in his hand.

To be continued in Part 2

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